Is a Boxer for You

Is a Boxer for you?

Some information about The Boxer before you purchase your new puppy...


The Boxer has a stable temperament. He should be a calm self-assured dog, not easily disturbed or given to extremes of shyness or aggression. He is generally obedient and easily taught.


The Boxer is renowned for his great love and faithfulness to his master and household. His alertness and fearless courage make him a good defender and protector. He is particularly tolerant and protective of children. The Boxer is docile but distrustful of strangers. He is bright and friendly in play but brave and determined when aroused. He is the soul of honesty and loyalty. He is never false or treacherous. He is intelligent, modest and clean, which make him a highly desirable family dog and cheerful companion. Most Boxers rarely bark but will alert if there is a stranger about. He will not tolerate long periods of being left alone. The Boxer needs ‘direction’ so obedience training is highly recommended.

Average Size and Weight

The average male dog usually grows to 57-63 cms tall and weighs between 30-35 kgs while the female is a little smaller at 53-59 cms tall and weighs between 22-28 kgs.

Average Lifespan

Boxers live up to 10-12 years.

Care Requirements

The needs of a Boxer are minimal.

He requires a warm place to sleep and prefers to sleep indoors. He will also require a secure outdoor area with sturdy fences and gates where he can romp and play. Your pool should be securely fenced as boxers are not natural swimmers — many swim well but others sink like stones!

If you intend keeping your Boxer out doors without including him in your day-to-day family activities then a Boxer is NOT the dog for you. A Boxer does best with human contact and will demand attention and regular exercise. He needs regular exercise to keep his body in shape and requires mental stimulation to keep him amused and out of trouble!

Boxers are known to be easy care dogs but do require brushing regularly to remove loose hair and bathing approx. once a month.


All Boxers require some level of obedience training. Training should commence as early as possible, preferably well before puberty, and should continue through until the dog reaches 12 months of age at least. You will be well rewarded if you undertake obedience training with your Boxer. He will be a valued member of your family and one that all your friends will love!

Purchasing Your Boxer

You should purchase your Boxer from a Registered Breeder who is bound by a strict Code of Ethics as set down by
Dogs NSW and one who has taken great care in breeding healthy puppies free of breed specific hereditary diseases.

A Registered Breeder is required to vaccinate, microchip and register (with Dogs NSW) your puppy before he goes home with you. A Registered Breeder must provide you with written details of dietary and immunisation requirements for your puppy and must also give you a current vaccination certificate, signed by a veterinarian. You must also receive 'The Certificate of Registration and Pedigree' to prove your puppy is registered with Dogs NSW. It is the duty of the registered breeder to register all coloured puppies in a litter, therefore it is advised NOT to purchase a puppy from an unscrupulous person who has offered a 'discount' puppy without papers. However, registered breeders are not permitted to register white puppies with Dogs NSW therefore white puppies are sold without registration papers although they should still be micro-chipped and vaccinated.

De-sexing your puppy (male or female) at an appropriate age, preferably before puberty, is highly recommended.


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